What would it feel like to spend more of your precious time and energy doing things with your life rather than feeling stuck in self-doubt and pain?

Do you live with an uncomfortable feeling? Was there a time when you could bypass this feeling, using avoidance or numbing  tactics? Since those don’t work forever, you are left alone with your frustration, anxiety, grief, loneliness and/or, despair. Or, perhaps something has happened in your life to bring about one of these feelings suddenly.

Whatever the case, you are ready to bring an end to your suffering and achieve a clearer sense of who you are. You want to be free of the suffering these feelings cause. You want comfort from your own inner-strength. 

I want this for you, too. I will help you deconstruct your suffering and bring you closer to the parts of you that are whole and fully alive. 

You will be able to approach life with greater creativity and flexibility so you can both live with your feelings and be free-spirited, in your own way.

What is Core Process Psychotherapy?

How can it help me? 

What would it be like if you knew that, despite how low you feel, how frustrated, unsatisfied, depressed, overwhelmed… that despite any or all of these feelings, you knew that you are intrinsically healthy and whole? Wouldn’t you get enormous comfort and confidence from that knowledge? The kind of confidence that would help you weather all sorts of internal and external storms? 

You are intrinsically healthy at your core; this is a basic principle of Core Process Psychotherapy, and this is how it can help you.  Together, we can work to bring you in line with this healthy core, so you can lose the sense that you are not able to cope and gain the sense that you can stand solidly and confidently on your own two feet.  


OK, but what are the principles and practices that make Core Process Psychotherapy effective and doable?

Core Process Pyschotherapy, which has been practiced for over 30 years, combines the Eastern principles of mindfulness, unconditional acceptance and compassion with Western therapeutic techniques and theories. 

Mindfulness – wonderful and grounding – is the awareness of what is happening to us in the present moment. A simple concept that can be rather hard in practice.  

With Core Process Psychotherapy, I help you use mindfulness to discover how we humans hold onto our suffering and to our external conditioning. By exploring how your suffering is shaped by past and continuing stories about yourself and how you express this shaping through your patterns and tendencies, you can be freed from it. This leads to unconditional acceptance and compassion – from you,  for you. Then you can be steady and strong on your own two feet.

The Core Process

We start from the understanding that the core state (our intrinsic state of health, compassion and wisdom) is ever-present but obscured by life and life experiences: culture, family and societal pressures. Because the core state is obscured, we aren’t even aware that we live by patterns and attitudes that are entirely influenced by past experiences and encounters, which exist outside of us rather than within our core state. The core process is the work we do to move you away from the habitual, externally influenced state back to the core state.

Some examples of what Core Process Psychotherapy can help you with

Core Process Psychotherapy can help you learn more about yourself and enhance your potential for growth.

How your psychotherapy session will work

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What is core process? 

The process, through therapy, of moving from the externally conditioned state to the core state. This brings us to greater alignment with our sense of aliveness and intrinsic health.

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